Shear Spray Lubricants

Shear Spray Lubricants come into contact with the gob during the first stage of making a glass container. A small shear blade mark on the gob could define your final product, hence its importance. Any downtime in gob cutting can halt your entire production. Therefore at Nirman Petrochem we have studied the process and designed products to give high lubricity to avoid shear marks along with excellent cooling to increase blade life while reducing maintenance and downtime, all this while keeping rust on blades at its minimum.

The above has been accomplished keeping in mind our environment as well as religious sentiments of people making fully biodegradable products without animal fats.

KristalCut 205

This grade is the most advance multi-purpose shear spray lubricant made from natural oils compatible with almost all brands and kinds of IS machines in the world. Its main advantages include:
Economical - 1350 parts water to 1 part of lubricant
Stable Emulsion - No clogging or choking of delivery lines
Multi-purpose - Same product can be used for shear spray systems as well as tank side mixing
Quick mix - The emulsion with water is very fast helping shear spray systems

Corrosion Protection - Reduced rust on shear blades 

KristalCut Green
This grade is mainly used for older tank side mixing systems. Its basic functionality is the same as KristalCut 205 but with enhanced lubricity. The main advantages include:
Economical - 1200 parts water to 1 part of lubricant
Lubricity - Comparatively much higher lubricity
Hard water - Mostly works well with even hard water conditions

KristalCut 205
KristalCut Green
Colouryellow / brownGreen
Biodegradability97% Biodegradable97% Biodegradable
Dilution Ratio1350:11200:1
pH of Emulsion7.5 - 8.57.5 - 8.5
ApplicationShear Spray systemsAll purpose; tank side mixing

No animal oil / fats are used

Kindly contact us regarding detailed Data Sheets along with method of use and MSDS.