About Us

Nirman Petrochem was established in the year 1992. The plant is situated on the western coast of India in the city of Daman having a close proximity to seaports in states of Maharashtra & Gujarat. While the Head Office is right in the heart of the business district of India in Mumbai.

Since its inception the company has been into manufacturing of specialty chemicals bringing innovation in terms of biodegradable products and future-ready synthetic fluids. The container glass division of the company has been developing and selling advanced lubricants to glass bottle manufacturers since almost 20 years now.

The company, apart from having a state-of-the-art plant also has a very well equipped Laboratory for Quality Assurance as well as research and new product development. These facilities are backed by highly experienced and technically qualified staff for carrying out its production and allied activities.

Due to the high quality standards achieved by us and a dedicated nationwide sales team we have proudly covered lubricant supplies to approx. 75% of the Indian Container Glass Industry. 

High Technology Lubricants

Over the past 20 years Nirman Petrochem have been taking up research activities to advance its product range with the development of the container glass industry. Other than the normal product line of shear spray lubricants and mold release agents the company has also developed new innovative first time ever products like conveyor cleaners and conveyor coatings.