Viscosity @ 25°C ASTM D 2196
Solid Lubricants Weight %
Sulphur Weight %Flash Point °C
KristalNeck E100 - 300 (CPS)0.3 - 0.84 - 5> 210

Neck Ring Swabbing Compound

Although general swabbing compounds can work for all kinds of swabbing, sometimes neck rings and other type of cut glass require much lower viscosity swabbing compounds. These compounds reach every edge of the mould and form a very thin uniform graphite film on the ring. It eliminates defects on the ring and improves release.

KristalNeck E

This is an excellent low viscosity petroleum oil based neck-ring swabbing compound containing graphite, sulphur and other additives. It is formulated to be ‘clean’, yet strong enough for most checking and loading problems.​

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