Swabbing Compounds

The right Swabbing compound is most critical in the making of good quality container glass. Its main functions include:

A release agent: Most importantly it prevents the hot liquid glass from sticking to the blank / mould. As a gob at very high temperatures falls into the blank at high speed it is essential that when the inner cavity is formed the liquid glass does not stick to the mould.

Surface finish: it is the job of a swabbing compound to give a smooth finish to the glass bottle in the mould as a swabbing compound forms a thin lubricating layer on the mould during swabbing. This determines the quality or 

Viscosity @ 25°C ASTM D 2196
Solid Lubricants Weight %
Sulphur Weight %Application
KristalSwab 174500 - 6500 (CPS)5 - 64 - 5This is a general-purpose swabbing compound that can be used with all kinds of standard container glass manufacturing like beer & wine bottles
KristalSwab 194000 - 5500 (CPS)1.5 - 2.84 - 5This is also a general-purpose swabbing compound with slightly low graphite content used for pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles as well as mayonnaise jars
KristalSwab 207000 - 8000 (CPS)4.5 - 5.83.5 - 4.5A higher viscosity low sulphur content product used for high temperature high-speed operations with longer swab cycles

rejection of the final product. It is especially important for cut glass or a bottle with detailing like perfume bottles.

Thermal Exchange: It is a very important parameter as the swabbing compound soils the blank mould, the air inside the mould, trapped due to the carbon deposits cannot be released anymore. This means the mould temperature cannot be managed without using a good swabbing compound.

Keeping the above in mind Nirman Petrochem has developed a range of petroleum oil based swabbing compounds in various viscosity ranges adding graphite, sulphur and other proprietary additives. These products are known to give much longer swab cycles and an extended life to the blank and moulds.

Kindly contact us regarding detailed Data Sheets along with method of use and MSDS.