IS Machine Oils

KristalLube oils are mineral oil based lubricants in various viscosities for IS machines and other pneumatic / hydraulic operated glass forming equipment. Its special additives keep glass machinery clean, rust free and properly lubricated preventing typical maintenance problems during glass forming. The high viscosity Index of these oils help in places where the temperatures are very high. These oils are also suitable for feeder drives, stacker chains etc. Non – flammable synthetic products for usage close to the furnace are also available on request. The products confirm to DIN 51524 Part 2 standards. 

KristalLube 32
KristalLube 68
KristalLube 100KristalLube 220KristalLube 460
Viscosity @ 40 30 - 3566 - 7098 - 102218 - 225455 - 465
Flash Point  > 210> 220> 220> 230> 230
Viscosity Index110 min110 min110 min110 min110 min

Kindly contact us regarding detailed Data Sheets along with method of use and MSDS. 

Note that some mineral oil based products may be supplied from our parent company.